Thursday, August 2, 2012

HELP JANE, How do you START this crazy thing?

So, in the next couple blogs things may look a little, umm.. Crazy! I am going to practice with links and pictures and things! First thing- My YOUTUBE must see 2 videos for today- the Pixiwoo's lovely Samantha Chapman did a top 5 pick of her sister Nic's best videos. So special when she talks about her sister-actually all of her family-her face just beams. You should expect to see a Pixiwoo video in each weeks recommendations. I just love their channel, but we'll talk more about that later in my Youtube favorite channel blog. here's the link.. (maybe?) And then My Favorite Vintage hair styling lady-KoontzFan2. Her Channel is A Vintage Vanity, and she is such a great teacher of all things vintage. She really has a passion for it-she is not into vintage looks because its cool or hip, she is genuinely interested and her appreciation of it shows through when she talks about different vintage topics. She's also a paranormal investigator- so major coolness points for that. I recommend ALL of her videos, but for this week, her break down and instruction of The Elevated Pin Curl is a must see for all you Vintage Vanities out there. Check out both videos and tell me what you think. I am also struggling to decide how often to blog. I feel like I could do it everyday, but do people want to read a blog everyday? Every other day, twice a week, weekly? How often does one blog? Please leave me a comment to help in anyway you think I need direction. I take criticism like most people... I smile and nod my head and then talk shit about the criticizer as they walk away! Isn't that how everyone takes it?! LOL. Seriously though, any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much to anyone who is reading this blog, and please let me know who you are!
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