Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I started and stopped, but now I'm back

So, Here I went and finally started blogging and then I disappear for almost three weeks. The explanation- A death in the family. And not just any death, this was my nephew, who was more like a brother/son and my very best friend. For a minute allow me to be earnest and solemn and say that losing someone so quickly and unexpected is just awful. There is no comfort in an accident. My nephew was a very troubled soul, and to be truthful we all thought that an overdose or suicide would be the way he would leave our world. It wasn't. It was a freak random car accident and it stung worse than any other way could have. There is comfort in knowing he is at peace, but the selfish side of me doesn't want him peaceful and gone, I would rather have him troubled and here. In time I will learn to let him go, but right now I am holding on as tight as I can to him. Which is the basis of my message. I know everyone says this after they lose a loved one, but it is so true-Regarding all of the people that are dear in your life-Love like your going to lose them at any minute. Tell them you love them every chance you get and make sure they KNOW they are loved. If you see signs of depression don't be worried about upsetting them and ask if they are okay. If they have addictions treat it like the disease it is and not a choice way they wanted to live their life. Addiction is a DISEASE. It is not cowardliness,  laziness, or selfishness. Addiction is a disease just like cancer, diabetes, and HIV. It is an uphill battle for the rest of ones life, and its a battle that a lot of fighters lose. The disease was stronger than my nephew. The depression was stronger than my nephew. The negatives in his life were far out-weighing the positives, which is maybe why an accident was so much worse, in my opinion. To me, he died not on his own terms, so even in death he was robbed of a choice. Just make sure that you take my advice and show your loved ones that they are loved, needed and cared about. If you are a friend-be there. If you are family-be there always, and if you are an estranged ex wife- don't lead on anyone that struggles with depression, and  don't play mind games with someones heart. Just let them go, move on or disappear. The human condition is an emotional one, and people need to be respected and loved.

  So, how would one go from that kind of blog to talking about makeup, eh? Well this week that is my blog. I feel very awkward trying to transition into something beauty related, so I will do another post completely free of despair. Thank you to all of you who are reading this. Please spread the word! In my next blog I will be talking about the Digital age of makeup, Rimmel's new Wake Me Up Foundation, and the best exfoliator for prepping the skin for a self tan! Stay tuned!

It's about love, about family, about feeling your best, and

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