Friday, August 24, 2012

You wanna WHAT my imperfections?!...

So..I am all for the digital age (says the blogger who has NO IDEA how to post images of arm swatches of eye shadow colors) But what I am not down with is digital lingo in my cosmetic advertising. Recently Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and Maybelline's Dream BB cream have promised to BLUR our imperfections. What?! I am not a logo on a reality show, or a genital shot in a magazine okay! I have no desire to have my imperfections Blurred. I want them covered, damn it! Hidden, invisible, concealed, GONE- anything but blurred. When I hear that word I think of the faces in new digital horror movies like The Intruder, One Missed Call or hell, even The Ring. What I don't envision is the pimple on my cheek digitially remastered by being blurred. I feel the advertising departments of said products failed big time on these campaigns. Maybe I'm old, maybe young girls (and middle aged women) across America can't wait to have "their imperfections blurred", but it just doesn't sit well with me. Don't get me wrong- I love the lighter feel, skin like textures of the newest foundations, but they still promise a buildable COVERAGE-to COVER my imperfections!I don't know... maybe if I use these products and run real fast passed a camera...

    In product news...Maybelline Color Tattoo has released some fall limited edition colors in their eye shadow line. I picked up two of them yesterday (at Walgreens- Buy one get one HALF OFF!) The colors I chose were recommended by a YouTube Guru, EmilyNoel83. She never steers her viewers wrong..LOVE HER! I purchased the Barely Beige and Mossy Green-per suggestion. The Barely Beige will make a perfect primer for eye shadows, and a perfect base for a smoky or ombre look. The Mossy Green is just GORGEOUS! I myself have, droopy puppy dog, deep set hooded eyes. That's right-everything that could possible prevent the smokiest cat-eye-iest looks is right here rolled into one person! Because my sockets are deep, I have a great socket line- but accentuating it makes me look hollow. The placement of my socket bones prevent a good cat eye, which I despair everyday I look at Gwen Stefani, and the hood part makes all eye shadow invisible.."Why buy eye shadow?" you ask..A. because I love it, B. it's my job as a makeup artist to have a variety of products and C. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean I won't pile it on!! Alas, my faults will not hinder my bringing the latest products to your blogasphere! I have also recently purchased a "wish-list" product I have been drooling over..Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX 04. I have not quite mastered this foundation/cover up/concealer/highlighting tub of wonder yet. The Great Wayne Goss recommends a wet beauty blender sponge, so this weekend I will buy a new one (my cat thought my one posed a threat to my safety and promptly destroyed it. He is still coughing up pink fluff) and master a technique so I can tell you all about it! I know you will be on pins and needles waiting, but be patient my lovelies. Monday I will also have a good opinion about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation that has all the the UK's beauty gurus' knickers in a bunch...So, tune in Monday when Jennifer says."Tom Ford wants HOW MUCH for a bronzer?!"

remember..It's About Life, about love, about feeling beautiful and always..AboutFace!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I started and stopped, but now I'm back

So, Here I went and finally started blogging and then I disappear for almost three weeks. The explanation- A death in the family. And not just any death, this was my nephew, who was more like a brother/son and my very best friend. For a minute allow me to be earnest and solemn and say that losing someone so quickly and unexpected is just awful. There is no comfort in an accident. My nephew was a very troubled soul, and to be truthful we all thought that an overdose or suicide would be the way he would leave our world. It wasn't. It was a freak random car accident and it stung worse than any other way could have. There is comfort in knowing he is at peace, but the selfish side of me doesn't want him peaceful and gone, I would rather have him troubled and here. In time I will learn to let him go, but right now I am holding on as tight as I can to him. Which is the basis of my message. I know everyone says this after they lose a loved one, but it is so true-Regarding all of the people that are dear in your life-Love like your going to lose them at any minute. Tell them you love them every chance you get and make sure they KNOW they are loved. If you see signs of depression don't be worried about upsetting them and ask if they are okay. If they have addictions treat it like the disease it is and not a choice way they wanted to live their life. Addiction is a DISEASE. It is not cowardliness,  laziness, or selfishness. Addiction is a disease just like cancer, diabetes, and HIV. It is an uphill battle for the rest of ones life, and its a battle that a lot of fighters lose. The disease was stronger than my nephew. The depression was stronger than my nephew. The negatives in his life were far out-weighing the positives, which is maybe why an accident was so much worse, in my opinion. To me, he died not on his own terms, so even in death he was robbed of a choice. Just make sure that you take my advice and show your loved ones that they are loved, needed and cared about. If you are a friend-be there. If you are family-be there always, and if you are an estranged ex wife- don't lead on anyone that struggles with depression, and  don't play mind games with someones heart. Just let them go, move on or disappear. The human condition is an emotional one, and people need to be respected and loved.

  So, how would one go from that kind of blog to talking about makeup, eh? Well this week that is my blog. I feel very awkward trying to transition into something beauty related, so I will do another post completely free of despair. Thank you to all of you who are reading this. Please spread the word! In my next blog I will be talking about the Digital age of makeup, Rimmel's new Wake Me Up Foundation, and the best exfoliator for prepping the skin for a self tan! Stay tuned!

It's about love, about family, about feeling your best, and

Thursday, August 2, 2012

HELP JANE, How do you START this crazy thing?

So, in the next couple blogs things may look a little, umm.. Crazy! I am going to practice with links and pictures and things! First thing- My YOUTUBE must see 2 videos for today- the Pixiwoo's lovely Samantha Chapman did a top 5 pick of her sister Nic's best videos. So special when she talks about her sister-actually all of her family-her face just beams. You should expect to see a Pixiwoo video in each weeks recommendations. I just love their channel, but we'll talk more about that later in my Youtube favorite channel blog. here's the link.. (maybe?) And then My Favorite Vintage hair styling lady-KoontzFan2. Her Channel is A Vintage Vanity, and she is such a great teacher of all things vintage. She really has a passion for it-she is not into vintage looks because its cool or hip, she is genuinely interested and her appreciation of it shows through when she talks about different vintage topics. She's also a paranormal investigator- so major coolness points for that. I recommend ALL of her videos, but for this week, her break down and instruction of The Elevated Pin Curl is a must see for all you Vintage Vanities out there. Check out both videos and tell me what you think. I am also struggling to decide how often to blog. I feel like I could do it everyday, but do people want to read a blog everyday? Every other day, twice a week, weekly? How often does one blog? Please leave me a comment to help in anyway you think I need direction. I take criticism like most people... I smile and nod my head and then talk shit about the criticizer as they walk away! Isn't that how everyone takes it?! LOL. Seriously though, any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much to anyone who is reading this blog, and please let me know who you are!
It's all About Beauty, About Feeling good, About love and AboutFace.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yes, ANOTHER beauty blog-just what we needed, right?!

Okay, So I have been meaning to do this forever now, but everytime I think I have a good subject to blog on, I read someone else's blog about it. So I am going ahead anyway. So, the 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing and London is even more cool than it usually is. Oh, to be a brit..Access to High Street and Boots and SpaceNk-but mostly because the great sites that offer super awesome prices on YSL Touche eclat highlighter pen and the newest foundation WON'T SHIP IT TO THE US!  How Seinfeld of me, but...What's up with that?! (said all nasal and whiny) Now, while in all reality this is a beauty blog- I see beauty in everything and will go off point sometimes. I will also talk about fashion, skin care and such. I will do a monthly round up of what the cool fashion and beauty mags are telling us is in each month, and I will do a weekly segment on my must see YouTube Tutorials. Right now beauty wise I am still loving and using daily my Garnier BB Cream. Love it. It evens me out, but shows my freckles. I apply it with a brush then go back over it with a damp sponge to absorb excess. I like to take the sponge around my nostrils, in between my eyebrows and then give my whole face a light swab. I do it every time I apply foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer and I always get the "You're wearing makeup!?" question. I highly recommend said act with damp sponge. On Tuesday I ordered Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation from ASOS. I cannot wait for its arrival so that I may tell you all about it. I do not yet receive products free for reviews- but should that ever happen I will ALWAYS be forth coming with my opinions. I promise to never sell out and remain as honest as always if you chose to follow my blog. Right now I do not no how to post links, pictures or, basically ANYTHING that all the hep bloggers do. If anyone can recommend a class for me, or a site to learn all this that would be awesome. One of the main reasons I haven't blogged yet is that fact. So, for now I will be plain and boring in my dynamics-but my words shall be as colorful as a pro blogger site! So, please subscribe to me, and I promise to blog every week, probably 2 times a week. I will let you in on the newest trends, the best makeup for any occassion, the best books, movies and graphic novels etc, etc. Just give me a chance to impress you and guide you through this Beauty Jungle and you won't be disappointed! Its all About Beauty, About Fashion, About Skincare, and AboutFace. All my love, Jennifer


P.S. Tune in next time when Jennifer will say.."BLUR my imperfections?! I want it to HIDE OR ERASE my imperfections!" and read her blog on "Buzz words" in the makeup industry- Buzz-kill or Buzz-will?