Tuesday, March 25, 2014

eSalon, eh? Can I pay for my color with bitcoins?

So, as I promised I will be reviewing the eSalon home hair color kit. Alas, I am breaking the other half of my pledge to review the new L'Oreal Light touch Ombre hilight at home color kit. Stick with me now and all will be revealed...
    The eSalon process was easier than I thought it would be to order online, but pain in the butt caliber once received at home. You make an account, answer some questions about your hair and upload a picture (if you want, pic is optional). They suggest a color match, you say "sure" and viola'..salon quality hair care right to your door. After opening the box, I regretted it right away. Nothing was wrong with the product,  it was just way more time consuming than I had imagined it would be. Time is of the essence when you are a mother to 2 very energetic kiddos, and anything more than 10 minutes is cutting into " Are you serious?!!" territory. Nonetheless after staring at the box for a months, I gave it a go. Oh, wait almost forgot- pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the ordering process should you do this. That sneaky little esalon hustled me for auto delivery, knowing my mind is on 27 things at once and assuredly would not read any fine print or disclosures. I received a touch up root kit in the mail before I ever used the original kit, and after checking my bank account and logging into my esalon account I realized my oversight.  Uncheck, auto delivery box...then Ha! In your face esalon! Back to the lecture at hand. After setting aside 2 hours..no shit- 2 hours, I got ready to dye. Without boring you to death- a quick synopsis.  You mix part one, you divide, clip, color top of hair. Yep, just the top, wait 15-25 minutes. Then you mix part two, separate,  clip hair and do the bottom, from mid shaft to ends. The second step also contains your shine additive. This step is very important, said the package..well duh. Who would only do the first step and dye half their hair? After waiting 25 minutes you fill the part 2 bottle with water, so that the ratio is approximately half remaining dye solution, half water.  Shake vigorously,  and get in the shower for this part. Use said mixture like a shampoo,  dumb on head, mix to a creamy lather, rinse. Shampoo head with real shampoo-its included,  rinse and condition-also included. See, how long did it take you to read this? Imagine doing the process at home! If I knew the time frame, didn't have kids and wasn't extremely lazy it wouldn't have been such a PITA but I was ill-prepared. Now, let's talk results. The color was very nice. A little dark brown, a little mahogany,  and very shiny. Quite lovely. That said, it was nothing I could not have accomplished with a Feria, John Freida, or Color Preference,  for half the price and 3/4 of the time. The experience was more annoying than anything else, only because if I am going to spend time doing my own hair just to save some cash, I wouldn't spend all evening on my hair, ya dig. I would have much rather pampered myself, threw in the extra 50 bucks and relaxed at a brick and mortar salon while someone else did the work. Check out the pictures of before and after. Just like the tv infomercials I made the before shot all ratchety, and the after shot all smooth and sassy. Overall I would give this service 3.5 stars, for ingenuity,  and ease of order. I would give the results 4 out of 5 stars for sheer prettiness, but I would give the required actions to acheive all results a 2.5 stars, for just being a time suck. Give it a try if you have lots of time on your hands, or if you are the friend in your bunch that is the "group-appointed" stylist, sit down with the girls, order some products and have a salon spendy. ( a spendy is a sleep over to those of you unaware). My fingers are beat after this blog! Crap, the second part of last blogs committment. The reason I didn't do the self ombre kit is because it was a caramel colored ombre for dark brown hair and my hair is more red than it should be for that color. At least I think so. I might just try it tomorrow, post a pic and get some feedback. What's the worst that could happen...I would have to reorder my exact color, set aside a weekend and redo my original color..On second thought...
To the few ladies who follow my blog...I love you, and you completely make this worthwhile. If just 2 people read me, that's 2 people that read me and that makes me happy!
Tune in next time, when I might have caramel ombre highlights, and You may hear me say.."Upside down mascara? What's the deal with that Sephora?" And, you could read the answer to "Does charcoal really make an effective mask/cleanser, and does this lipstick make my ass look big?"
Remember, its about trial and error, its about the ride, its about new things and as always...Its AboutFace!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The AFTER shot..

This is the after photo pertaining to previous Before photo, after using Garnier 5 Second blur..
Anyone see a difference? Yeah, me either. Damn it, Garnier. Okay, thats harsh. Damn it, ME for falling for the instant trick. I know nothing is instant. I know there is no quick fix. I know all of this and I know I know it, but still I fall for the "instant" on the box. The same thing happened with the L'oreal Miracle Blur. I saw a new product it promised instant results: amazing, smooth, even tone skin and radiant glow and delivered nothing. Although I am protected from the Sun. That's always a plus. But the thing is I'm not looking for a sunscreen. I have umpteen million sunscreens. I want instant results.. I want the product inside to do what the box promises on the outside. Clearly now I'm not just talking about the instant blur. I know nothings instant..I knew in my heart it wasn't going to work but I still had a glimmer of hope that just once an instant promise would be just that. What I am looking for is the Colored Contacts of beauty products. The Manic Panic of skin care, if you will. That one minute this way, next minute that way kinda fix, ya heard. Its inevitable that my heart will break repeatedly and I will lose all faith in cosmetic promises, but in the meantime I will continue my search. My quest for the Holy Grail face changer in a tube -at a discount price will persevere. I know that there are extreme quality cosmeceuticals on the market that work like a champ. Maybe the results aren't instant, but they are damn near, and the changes/improvements are noticeable ones. Alas, these little tubes of happy and jars of perfection are far beyond my means. I am sure if I went one year without wasting money on "instant" promises from drugstore and medium level products I could save enough to buy one actual promise fulfilling product but wheres the fun in that? Plus I wouldn't have trial and errors to blog about. So, overall and throughout my time wasting opinions and ramblings this us what you should come away with after perusing this episode..Nothing under $20 is instant as far as erasing what time & life have done to your face. The Garnier 5 second Blur would make a fine drugstore primer, comparable to the Holy Grail Photo finishing primer from Smashbox, but do not expect anything else. It will not blur anything-unless you get it in your eyes, and the only thing it erases is $17 from your bank account. If you are hell bent on blurring imperfections just run real fast passed everyone you mert, or take selfies while in motion. Thank you to the small small handful who are reading my blig. Please soread tge word that I am awesome, and let me know you care by commenting. Please. Just a little self affirming smiley face would be fine. Soon I will decorare and link to other social sites when I figure out how. Tune in next time when I "before and after" eSALON hair color and L'Oreal Preference Ombre Touch for medium to dark brown hair and Remember, its About loving yourself, its About Embracing the now, its About Hope and as alawys, its AboutFace

Pre blurred photo..

This is going to be-HOPEFULLY- A posted blog on the befores and afters of the popular "blurring" products. The before pic is, Dear God, SANS makeup. No product at all except moisturizers. The ones I am currently using are, in order of appearance, Tarte Maracuja oil, pure coconut oil from ULTA and an ULTA intensive nightvrepair moisturizer ( Gasp! During the day, you say?! My face knows not the hour). So, if I am doing this right, here is the before photo..

Friday, February 21, 2014

This is becoming quite a habit...

Every time I start up this blog I have motivation, a driving force behind me, time and plenty of topics. Subtract the time aspect and everything still stands. I always start out with such fervor, then school comes along, kids have routines and the blog goes by the wayside. This time, I am committed. What is the difference you ask? Why now, America wants to know. well, the more people blog-a million new blogs everyday, the easier it gets. For instance, today I was looking for a picture of a dress that I wanted to sell online. I found a picture and clicked on it and a new option appeared...ADD THIS TO MY BLOG!! WHAT! No more copy/paste, add to clipboard, insert image? Just click and blog. Oh the simplicity. This will make my life and my blogging so much easier that I have promised myself to blog every other day for at least a month to see how it goes. I have stocked up on new products, re ordered old favs, been catching up on all the latest fashion shows, glossies and TV shows and will be blogging with a vengeance. I thought about changing the name, since I will be covering more than just faces and makeup, but Face means so much to different cultures, that I decides to keep it. Just wiki face for Asian cultures and it means dignity, self image and respect. In the good ol' US it means, well, I don't know how many kiddos are reading this, so just ask your parents to look it up. In a nutshell, be ready to be blogged out of your mind. Okay, maybe that's extreme, but just welcome me with warm, blog lovin' arms and please comment once I start dedicating hours to this project. Feedback is the technical hug. The acceptance letter if you will.Feedback means, "We have spent time reading what you have spent time writing" and it makes bloggers feel a little more redeemed in thir work. Thank you everyone. Remember, its about routine, its about finding time to do what you love, its about the reward, but most of all, its AboutFace....
tune in next time to see me write..5 second miracle blur my ass...