Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yes, ANOTHER beauty blog-just what we needed, right?!

Okay, So I have been meaning to do this forever now, but everytime I think I have a good subject to blog on, I read someone else's blog about it. So I am going ahead anyway. So, the 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing and London is even more cool than it usually is. Oh, to be a brit..Access to High Street and Boots and SpaceNk-but mostly because the great sites that offer super awesome prices on YSL Touche eclat highlighter pen and the newest foundation WON'T SHIP IT TO THE US!  How Seinfeld of me, but...What's up with that?! (said all nasal and whiny) Now, while in all reality this is a beauty blog- I see beauty in everything and will go off point sometimes. I will also talk about fashion, skin care and such. I will do a monthly round up of what the cool fashion and beauty mags are telling us is in each month, and I will do a weekly segment on my must see YouTube Tutorials. Right now beauty wise I am still loving and using daily my Garnier BB Cream. Love it. It evens me out, but shows my freckles. I apply it with a brush then go back over it with a damp sponge to absorb excess. I like to take the sponge around my nostrils, in between my eyebrows and then give my whole face a light swab. I do it every time I apply foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer and I always get the "You're wearing makeup!?" question. I highly recommend said act with damp sponge. On Tuesday I ordered Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation from ASOS. I cannot wait for its arrival so that I may tell you all about it. I do not yet receive products free for reviews- but should that ever happen I will ALWAYS be forth coming with my opinions. I promise to never sell out and remain as honest as always if you chose to follow my blog. Right now I do not no how to post links, pictures or, basically ANYTHING that all the hep bloggers do. If anyone can recommend a class for me, or a site to learn all this that would be awesome. One of the main reasons I haven't blogged yet is that fact. So, for now I will be plain and boring in my dynamics-but my words shall be as colorful as a pro blogger site! So, please subscribe to me, and I promise to blog every week, probably 2 times a week. I will let you in on the newest trends, the best makeup for any occassion, the best books, movies and graphic novels etc, etc. Just give me a chance to impress you and guide you through this Beauty Jungle and you won't be disappointed! Its all About Beauty, About Fashion, About Skincare, and AboutFace. All my love, Jennifer


P.S. Tune in next time when Jennifer will say.."BLUR my imperfections?! I want it to HIDE OR ERASE my imperfections!" and read her blog on "Buzz words" in the makeup industry- Buzz-kill or Buzz-will?

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