Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So, summer is winding down. To me, this is the best time to bring out the bronzers. I know they are huge in the summer because the sun is the devil and faux tans are safest, blah blah. I wear spf 10,000 but my freckles pop out in under 5 seconds. For this reason I do not wear a lot of bronzer in the summer because I love my freckles and would not want to hide them. Plus when you put a bronzer on heavy freckles it looks like a bad make up job from far away. So- for me my drug store Bronzer is the same as everyone else.. NYC Sunny. I love the finish, the matte-ness and the color. Great all around product. For a high end bronzer I love the Estee Lauder Goddess Gelee pure color collection one. I like the shimmer factor-not too sparkly, not too shiny, and I love the texture and consistency and for a department store brand, it may be a little pricey-coming in a $42, but hell, its over half the price of the Tom Ford bronzer. Someday I will purchase the $90 TF product, but today is not that day. If I used bronzer everyday, twice a day maybe, but I don't, so its a no go. Let's see..So , summer is winding down. Oh, wait. Said that. On to fall. I love fall. I love crisp cool weather, jumpers, leaves, jackets, and HEAVY MAKEUP! No "no make up make up" in fall. Its dark lips, dark eyes, heavy contour..I love it. I cannot do this in the summer because, how to say this like a lady..I sweat. I do not perspire, glistening, glow..I frickkin' SWEAT. I love the temperature as soon as it dips below  70 because I can wear a foundation, blush, contour, highlight, primer, shadow, liner, mascara,more contour, a pop of more highlight and lipstick and it will go NOWHERE! Ah yes..I love fall. I am currently going through every September issue magazine so that I can bring to you all the fall trends. Why I spend $50 on all of them when one will do-they all say the same thing. What I like to do is break out the Sept. issue from the year before to see what's changed and whats the same. For this year..not too much. Dark colors like ox blood for garments, prints, patterns and heavily textured fabrics. Peplums, riding boots, trench coats, fur and denim-and that was all last year, For this season re-read the previous sentence. This Fall does bring back (oh, I hate saying "bring back"-when does a dark lip EVER out of style?) the dark lip and dark eyes combo of the late 80's, late 90's and now. But basically fashion wise its a repeat of the last 3 falls before it. Except I think that fur vests are an"out" for this season. Other than that throw nothing away from last year.
    Products-The fall air is less humid than the summer's so moisturizer is a must must must. One that I have been loving is Vichy AqualiaThermal. It has that "your mother's" lotion smell, but it is a 24 hour moisturizer that really sticks around. Its creamy, but not too heavy, and for the effect the price is A-OK. Another line of products I go gaga over in the fall...Avon. That's right. I love Avon products. For some reason I tend to go for them in the fall more than any other season. I think that Avon products are sooo under-rated! To me they are all top quality with the price being so reasonable its ridiculous. Their foundations and blushes are amazing- especially the color ranges- but I am speaking more (in this blog) of their skin care products. The newer of the ANew products, Genetics, does wonders for my skin. In just one week my hubs could see a difference. I have switched out my Lancome Genifique for it, and so far so good. I mix it up during the day, with Genetics in the morning, the ANew Luminosity during the evening, then Genetics again at bedtime. Try it. If you don't like it Avon will take it back. (this post was not in any way sponsored by Avon, nor do I rep the Co.) By the way, please be patient with this blog- I know I jump around and have no swatches yet, but I promise I will get better. If you are reading this please COMMENT! Just so I know someone is reading it! Another thing you might not think to change up in the fall is your shower care routine. Summer can really dry out your skin, and with that lack of humidity fall can do some damage as well. Make sure you are applying moisturizer RIGHT OUT of the shower, before you towel off! If it helps keep your lotion in the shower with you, or put it on top of your towel so its the 1st thing you see. Johnson and Johnson make a great Baby Oil Gel, in 3 flavors-cocoa butter, aloe and lavender and all 3 are amazing for locking in moisture.
I am getting to the length where readers will lose interest soon- so remember-This fall where what you did last year, pair a wine lip with violet eyes and moisturize like your skin depends on it! Tune in later to hear me say..You want to shape my eyebrows HOW??!!

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