Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eye BROWsing! How I learned to not fear change..

So.. For the longest time I took pride in my eyebrows..don't let that statement mislead you- I still take pride in them, I have just learned how to let them survive on their own and to let their natural shape guide me in my plucking. I had the most gorgeous plucked, clean arched eyebrows in the world. The were my calling card..the best part about my face. Or so I thought. My eye shape is not conducive to arched brows, but advice be damned, I was arching my brows! My eyes, as I may have mentioned before are hooded, deep set and droopy. not super droopy,  more puppy doggy, like Camilla Belle's and the late great Audrey's. Now when you imagine their eyebrow shape it is full and straight, with the slightest of arches and it works(ed) for them both. I fought this brow shape tooth and nail, insisting that arches were the way to go. One day I was doing a replication of an Audrey Hepburn look and filled in my brows to her exact shape. I knew when i looked in the mirror after the look was finished I would be appalled by the caterpillars that would be resting where my eyebrows once were. SO WRONG!! I had wasted so much time arguing with the best makeup artists advice pertaining to my eyebrows that I felt like I had robbed myself of years of looking fabulous! This eyebrow shape was PERFECT for my eye shape! I looked young, classic, refined and outright pretty. Not to mention with the rest of the make up, the short fringe and the ponytail I did a damn good job of converting myself into Audrey Hepburn. I was so taken aback at how perfectly suited these eyebrows were for my face that I began to analyze every detail as to why they were so right and my wonderful, perfectly arched brows were soo wrong. First of all, I have a heart shape/rounded face. It appears soft and sweet, so the dramatic arch I had competed with my face shape and took my softness into "sinister villain" territory. For the next point I need to describe my eyes in detail: they are deep set and hooded. They highest point of my lids hits almost immediately then slopes downward, almost like a comma laying on is side. Now by arching my brows in this same manner all I was doing was replicating the droopy deep set look. In order to disguise and hide this shape, I needed to bring my eyebrows almost straight across, and therefore lessening the harshness of my droop.Since my eyes are hooded as well, by arching my eyebrows I created more space in between my eyelid and brow that basically screamed "LOOK AT ALL THIS EMPTY HOODED SPACE!!" Overall the straight fuller brow works best for my eye shape. Now I will not completely put away my arched brow stencils! I will occassionally still arch my brow, just not so dramatically. Sometimes what looks best or works best for your brows isn't necessarily what you think should work. Just study your face, your eye shape and your eyebrows and try out different ways to wear them. Thin drawn on super arched or super rounded, like a half circle, ARE NOT OPTIONS. Seriously. If you are one of the ladies who draw on your eyebrows in that manner, stop right now. put the pencil down, pick up a stencil, some wax and some brow powder and learn a new technique. I say this lovingly. Another thing to consider is your age. At my age my face is changing-drastically-and I have to learn to adapt my make up routine with the newness of my face: the lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and all..( not a pretty picture, I know) If you are willing to compromise with your face when it comes to make up, the you will be a winner every time. The subject for my next blog is going to be exactly that topic. How to adapt the latest trends and hippest colors into your make up routine for women forty and over-and how to not look like your trying too hard to remain young and fresh. You know who you are ladies..still shopping in the juniors department, getting your beauty advice from your daughters teen magazines and MTV shows and flocking to the drug stores to try the cool new neon shades of glittery eye shadow and refusing to buy any foundation with the words "anti-aging" on the bottle.....

SO, I hope that someone is reading this blog..If you are, PLEASE leave a comment so I know what topics you would like me to talk about and what tutorials you would like me to do once this blog leads me into YouTube (which will be within a month) If you like how I write, let me know! If you don't like how I write or what I write about, let me know that too!
Remember..Its About finding yourself, Its About relaxing, Its About loving yourself and your look,            and as always..Its About Face

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